What are we up to?

These posts will appear on our blog monthly, serving the purpose of letting you know what we’re eating, buying, reading, listening to, and watching! We will randomly compile the things that consumed our lives throughout the month, and serve it up here!

We’re watching

The Night Of: This new limited series on HBO has got myself and the Cool Cats (husband) hooked! It’s a murder mystery about a young Middle Eastern man being accused of murder. Without giving too much away, we’re not really sure what happened, and the whole series is based on that! If you liked shows like Making a Murderer, or True Detective, this is definitely right up your alley.

Shameless: NEW on Netflix! Netflix is forever bae. My boyfriend and I are completely hooked… As in 4-seasons-deep-in-3-weeks hooked. It’s a black comedy about an alcoholic father, his dysfunctional six children and all of their daily mishaps living in the ghetto southside of Chicago.

We’re reading

Will You Won’t You Want Me? I saw this book on Cosmo’s beach reading list that was featured in June. I downloaded it to my Kindle right before my honeymoon, and got through most of it on the trip. It’s a very easy read that engulfs you into the drama between a very lucky girl (think Prom Queen), getting very unlucky in her adult years. Follows her through many mistakes (boys), jobs, and hard life lessons learned. If you were a Judy Blume fan when you were about 12, then this will suck you right in. I love easy, breezy reads like this once in awhile – especially for the beach!

We’re listening to

Fences: this artist is the kind of artist that (I personally) go back to ALL of the time. I don’t know about you guys, but I have a tendency to over play artists, albums and songs that I am obsessed with…. as in replay them for consecutive hours, days etc. My favorite part about this habit? Rediscovering a “oldie” that used to be your jam! Fences indie/alternative sound embodies our impending fall weather which makes me all the more excited for my favorite season! Check them + what else we’re currently listening to below:


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