OH BABY! Baby Shower Gifts, Decorations + a Fun Game

Our sister-in-law is preggo with her FIRST babe! We decided to seize the opportunity and document our little journey in the celebrating our nephews impending arrival. ❤

The Game: Baby Jeopardy

The Rules

  • To keep the fairness we decided to have the baby momma call out the categories
  • Each guest was given a sheet of paper and a PEN (no cheating!) to write down their answers
  • Once we ran out of categories, points were tallied!
  • In the event that there was a tie, we had 3 tiebreaker questions prepared. Our tiebreaker questions were
  1. When did the mommy and daddy get married?
  2. Is mommy or daddy’s birthday closer to baby’s due date?
  3. How did mommy and daddy meet?

How to make the board

What you need:

  • A poser board
  • Sticky letters
  • construction paper
  • Ribbon (optional)
  • Metallic sharpies
  • Washi tape
  • Index cards to write down questions
  • A pack of pens (cheap ones are fine!) + paper for your guests answers


I was short on time to come up with my own categories/ questions so I found my favorite version on Pinterest follow the link below to A Simply Happy Home’s blog: Baby Jeopardy Categories

The Prizes

We decided to put together 3 different prizes for a little variety. Below are pictures of the contents in each prize.




The Decorations

Personalized Banner For the banner that you see above, I purchased the banner from Hobby Lobby and adhered Glitter Iron-on to it. I used my Cricut to cut out the Iron-on to spell out Declan’s name.


Tulle Skirt My favorite part of the whole decor was the tulle skirt that we wrapped around the entertainment center. Usually these are made by measuring the length of the table you will put it on. However, in this case, I didn’t know the table measurements, so I improvised.

What you need:

  • Any color choice of ribbon
  • Two different shades of tulle
  • Scissors

Try to guesstimate the length of a table ( I over guessed as it is better to have extra skirt, then not enough). Cut 8 inches of tulle from the bunch you got, and tie it around the ribbon. To tie it, all you need to do is, fold the tulle in half, and pull the tulle through the little loop around the ribbon. Repeat this process until you have done the whole ribbon.

Ceiling Decor These pom poms always add a sense of party through decor! They are always super cheap, can be found at Hobby Lobby, Michaels or Party City, and are so easy to assemble!

I purchased blue and grey chevron streamers from Party City to decorate the two columns that separated the room. This gave some liveliness and color to both sections of the basement.


For the longer table, I got the little polka dotted cups from Hobby Lobby and made some puppy chow to fill them up. I also got the polka dotted mason jars (already polka dotted) from Hobby Lobby and filled them with fresh sunflowers from the Farmer’s Market 


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