Review: Novalash Eyelash Extensions

Ever since my sister was born, I always wished for long, dark eyelashes like hers. Unfortunately, unlike her, I ended up with sparse eyelashes that barely curled up. For years, I had been on the hunt for mascara that made them look perfect, and didn’t smudge (hello, deep-set eyes :(). I found the perfect one, Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara, but I still longed for lashes that were long and fluffy all the time.

I never mastered the art of fake lashes. I tried numerous times, and they are just one of those beauty habits that I can’t get a handle on. When the lash extension rave hit the interwebz, I watched every review there was on them. None of them talked about the process or the way they felt, which alarmed me to not get them. However, I had a wedding coming up and I knew I wanted my lashes to be perfect;). So after contemplating for weeks and weeks, I finally took the plunge (financially speaking) and decided to endure a two-hour appointment to get me some dreamy lashes!

right after a fill

the Process: When I made my first appointment, I had to make it at a very late hour of 8 p.m. (way past this grandma’s time to be outdoors). The girl on the phone had told me that the appointment would last two hours and to not wear my contacts or any makeup. So I stepped into the salon with my fabulous glasses and was ready to be glamified. I was greeted with a form to fill out and sign (they are very protective over what might happen, don’t let this form scare you). After looking through the contract, I took note that they needed me to stay still for the next two hours. I entered the room, where there was a massage table (or the table where you lay on to get facials). The girl asked me a couple of questions on how I wanted my lashes to look. I let her know that I wanted something that would lift and open my eyes. If you have a set of fake lashes that you swear by, I recommend bringing those in as a model. I hopped on the table and there started my two-hour journey. The first hour was comfortable, and I didn’t feel a thing that she was doing. The second hour was brutal. My body started going numb, and my butt hurt from laying on it. Truth be told, I was stressing my body to hold still and that caused the discomfort. What the esthetician was doing didn’t hurt at all, I didn’t even feel it. So try not to stress yourself during your first appointment, because even though your eyes have to be shut the whole time, I promise you they aren’t doing anything crazy! Once she was done adhering individual lashes, she asked me to open up, so that she could make sure that my lashes weren’t glued to the bottom line. If they are, she will separate them gently (I am someone who can’t even put in eye drops and this didn’t bother me at all). Then she fluffed them up a little bit and I was good to go! You guys, the difference was phenomenal, I couldn’t stop staring at my eyes!

the Upkeep: To be honest, I am not one for heavy maintenance-requiring rituals. I don’t have the time to spend on extra grooming habits. These lashes require very little TLC. All I do is brush them with a spoolie every morning and night, and after every shower. When you get your lashes wet, they tend to dry the way they stay, which can result into wonky-looking lashes, which is why I add the extra step of brushing them after showering. I did purchase the very expensive Novalash makeup remover, for when I put on eyeshadow and liner. If you know of any dupes for this product, please let me know, as I don’t want to spend that much on makeup remover…

the Lifespan: My lashes last up to 4 weeks, which is how I space out my appointments. Some people tend to go longer or shorter. This all depends on how rough you are with your lashes, and how fast your lashes fall out and grow. Surprisingly enough, my lashes grow very slowly (yes, I am being sarcastic), which is why I can wait the month to get them filled. However, I also don’t put any mascara on my lashes, as I don’t think they need them. Some people may opt to do this, which might result in different longevity than what I have experienced.

the $$$: My first lash appointment was the most expensive, and that’s how they usually are. I spent $200 on the first application, and my fills ever since then have been around $60. I just don’t get my nails done anymore, which equal out to more than $60, so in my head I have justified it:)

Do you have eyelash extensions? If so, how do you feel about them? What brand do you use? Do you have a special way of taking care of them? Let us know in the comments below!

Cheers to our first in-depth review!


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