College -> Business Woman: What I Wish I Knew Before Starting a Full Time Job

Being a semi-recent college grad + finding a new sense of self as a business woman as opposed to the student that I had been for 17 years was terrifying! I felt like a baby learning how to walk… just blindly running into everything and talking in jibberish. Fast forward and I am over six months employed- woohoo! So today I decided to write about the many things that I wish I knew before starting a big girl job.

Right After Graduation…


Take Time for Yourself

If you are fortunate enough to take some time in between college I strongly encourage doing so. Everyone around you might expect you to start looking for a job right away, that in no way means that you need to. I would say my biggest regrets were either 1.) studying abroad or 2.) not taking more time to relax. You just had a HUGE accomplishment- take time to enjoy that!

Realize That You Are Now an Adult + Your LifeStyle WILL Change

Remember when you were so excited to become an adult and make your own decisions? Well, here it is… &  full disclosure… its not that great.

This was a tough adjustment. I was the first of my close friends/ roomies to get a full time, 8-5, Monday thru Friday job. It was so hard to explain why my previous party ways turned into borderline elderly ways. I went from partying until 4 a.m. and getting up to waitress at 6 a.m. to going to bed between 9-10 and barely drinking a glass of wine. You will be called lame and others who know your college self will wonder what the hell got into you. The bright side is you stop caring about staying up late & going to all of the parties. Getting to this point will make you feel old… but you will like it. 😉

Be prepared for no more “breaks”

… no more spring break, winter break, summer break… nada. & its a sad and depressing realization. Be prepared. Thats it. 

Start Making a Plan

Think about your long term career goals, schedule when you’re going to grocery shop, set aside time for yourself, & make lunch plans with a friend you lost touch with.

My suggestion comes from a very personal standpoint. I became so used to the tiny breaks in between classes and work to get errands and chores done that I never thought once about what I would do once I was on a strict schedule. By the time I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was run to the store or do laundry. I just starting taking this advice seriously and it has helped SO much you guys. As you get older, I noticed that finding time for everything just becomes harder and harder. It may sound silly to plan out your week for chores etc. but that way you know when they will get done and not dread it so much!

What do you guys think? Are you recent grads? Do you have any words of wisdom to add to my list? Comment & let me know! Xx


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