Back to school: our favorite school supplies

I am the first to admit that I am obsessed with school supplies! My favorite thing during back to school season wasn’t getting new clothes, but hitting up Office Depot, or Staples for some fresh pens, notebooks, notepads, markers galore! We decided to list out our favorite school supplies to get you school ready!

  1. Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens – I am very serious about my pens. Once I find a pen that I love, I will use it until I find the next best thing. For the past four months, I have been using the Papermate Inkjoy Gel Pens, and I am hooked! These suckers make it super easy for me to look like I have nice handwriting. The pigmentation on the pens are stellar with a great color selection, which makes my planner look phenom! Definitely recommend these with people who like clean crisp lettering.I get the 0.7mm tip.
  2. Sharpie Gel Highlighters – I HATE highlighters that smear ink. There is nothing worse than having an excellent sheet of notes, with nice lettering and clear lines, and then you want to jazz it up with some highlights, and your highlighter smears the whole text 😡 The reason I love these highlighters is because they seem to be smear-proof, and they remind me of my neon colors from my 96 Crayola Crayon box!
  3. Erin Condren LifePlanner – I will talk more about this in our post on Friday, but this is a seriously stellar planner!
  4. 5×8 Post-it Line-Ruled Notepads – I always take notes on post-its, if they are just thoughts, lists and etc. My notebook is reserved for things that I would like to go back to! These 5×8 massive post-it notes make note-taking, and list-making a dream! I love to get them in the neon pack, as the colors just make me happy.
  5. Washi tape – I love washi tape for everything! From labeling folders that I want to re-use (taking them off is super easy), to blocking out my calendar for important dates.
  6. Cute folders– a must! I bought new ones for every semester. Target, TJ Max or Marshall’s have great selections or you can find some on Amazon… because who doesn’t love to online shop??!
    1. Love these ones for work! Points for humor 🙂
    2. Cute designs To spruce up your less than exciting workload
  7. Binder clips– I use binder clips all of the time. Its a great way to separate pages in your notebook, planner etc. so you are able to find what you need with ease or remember that page number in your workbook that you forgot. 😉
  8. Binders– These are the best for organizing all of your worksheets/ assignments/ syllabus. I never liked to keep everything in my bag, especially considering I walked to my classes. If you have different classes on certain days, I suggest getting some cute binders for each of your classes that you can easily put in/take out of your bag, stay organized + reduce all that clutter!
  9. A cute bag full of necessary items– I always carried a bag that had a mini deodorant, mini dry shampoo, a brush, gum, granola bar, a tampon (just in case!), a couple dollars, a hair tie and bobby pins + anything else that I could possibly need. In school I was always rushing from one day to the next- so my little insurance policy bag saved me countless times!
    1. Below are a few of my favorites by Tartan + Twine (my favorite!)
      1. Grey Felt Pouch
      2. Hayden loop clutch
      3. Black Space Floral Medium Clutch
  10. Water bottle– this isn’t necessarily a “back to school” item… but its something that I carried with me 24/7. I like this one that carries at least one liter & that clips to your bag- that way you wont leave it behind or spill it in your bag. That H2O is SO necessary ladies (especially with that Friday 8 a.m. class hangover- ’cause we have all been there!)
  11. Create 365 The Happy Planner– one of my favorites in my never ending search for the perfect planner for its customization, accessories, and 2 year inclusion! I’ll write more about it on Friday!

What are your favorite back to school (or work!) supplies? Is there anything that we should try? Let us know!


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