August beauty favorites

Lara’s Favorites


  1. Benefit Goof Proof Brow Pencil – You guys, this stuff is amazing! I have been a long-time friend of the Anastasia Brow Pencils (ongoing 7 year love affair), and I never thought I would buy another brow product. Since I get my brows done at the Benefit Brow Bar, and had been exposed to the new brow line via YouTube, I got suckered in and purchased this little guy. The tip of the applicator makes it super easy, and simple to do up your brows! I love love love this stuff. If you don’t need a precise application, I would say give this a go, it cuts your brow game prep time in half.
  2. Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in Peach – I am truly having a love affair with the Urban Decay Naked line. As mentioned in our last beauty favorites (linked here), I am still obsessed with the UD Naked One and Done foundation. I have the most horrible dark circles (thank you, mom). So when I wake up in the crack of dawn and want to look awake at work, this sucker saves my life – this happens everyday, by the way. The pigmentation on this sucker is unreal, and it cancels out my dark purples, and gives a new canvas.
  3. Benefit Girl Meets Pearl Highlighter – I love me some highlighters. Since I always wear matte foundations, I need something to give my life skin. Last time, I spoke of the Anastasia Glow Kits, and this month I have moved over to a liquid highlighter (still love the Anastasia glow kit). When I am looking for a highlight that is more fresh, and daytime appropriate, this is what I reach for. Funny thing is that this was stashed in my mom’s makeup and she told me to take it, because she didn’t use it. I have had it for four months now and never used it. Finally one day, I decided “what the heck” and now I am obsessed! It has a pearly pink tint, and gives the skin a dewy look in the places you want it. I always apply with a beautyblender, and it blends like a dream. What are some of your favorite liquid highlighters, I want to try more!
  4. Vaseline Lip Therapy in Cocoa Butter – Stop using any lip balms that you use, and go out and buy this lip balm. Trust me, it will save your lips in the winter, and provide H2O to your lips in the summer. This lip balm is amazing and preps my lips for any matte lipstick like nothing else does. The only complaint I have about it is the tin that it comes with makes it very difficult to open.

Jo’s Favorites


  1. OPI Infinite Shine 2 in You’re Blushing Again– I’m a huge fan of muted colors for nail polish and this color is the perfect pale pink! You only need two coats (unlike essie pale pink equivalents) and the shine is the bees knees ( I didn’t even use the top + base coat!)
  2. Mario Badescu Whitening Mask– I’m officially obsessed with Mario Badescu… seriously. I have used this mask only twice and I feel like my skin has transformed. This mask brightens the look of uneven skin tone, old acne marks and dark marks for the sun- which is the dream product I have been searching for! ❤
  3. Evian Facial Spray mini duo– I swear those items in the check out line at Ulta get me every time! But this stuff was worth the impulse buy. Do you ever feel like your make up gets worn down as the day goes by… especially in the summer months? This product makes you feel refreshed and ready to rumble. I have always hated putting more make up on top of makeup or using powder that will make me look cakey. My new routine is to blot my t zone, spritz some facial spray and wa-la!
  4. Two Faced Brow Quickie in Universal Brunette– (not pictured) Im slightly obsessed with brow products. Its my most intricate part of my morning makeup routine and something that I probably wouldn’t leave the house with if I have a choice. I just added this bad boy into the mix. I really like using it after I fill in my brows with a pencil and then lightly going over the hairs to darken them up and make them look like real hairs. Bonus for being able to use this on its own for the days I’m in a rush!
  5. Garnier Micellar Water– Full disclosure: I thought this stuff was a hoax when it came out. I thought that you would end up using WAY too much product WAY too fast for it to be worth it. After I received a sample of a micellar water in my birch box subscription I started using it in the morning. I actually loved it so much for a quick clean to remove any oil etc. from my pillow case that I purchased this one at Target. To use: I just dampen a cotton ball with the product and bam! all done!
  6. NYX Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam– I love using this for a highlight! you can add it to your foundation for all over radiance or targeted areas. Bonus for being a cheap dupe for Benefits High Beam.



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