Fall Lip Loves

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Do you know why I love fall so much? It's because the leaves are changing, PSL is back in my life, being cozy is a necessity and the gorgeous deep reds and cranberry shades are back in our lives! My go-to makeup look for the fall revolves around a deep … Continue reading Fall Lip Loves


September Subscription Reviews!

In the past few days I received Ipsy, Birchbox and my Fall 2016 FabFitFun... It was like Christmas morning in my household. So lets go through the rundown of what I got this month + my reviews on each product! *Spoiler- I love it all!* Ipsy Samples: Eva NYC- Forget Me Knot Dry Conditioner- $14- I … Continue reading September Subscription Reviews!

Packing 101: Reduce Bulk and Anxiety

If there is one person on this Earth that has travel anxiety, that is me. My job requires me to travel here and there (not as much as my colleagues), which has made me an expert in packing over the years. I remember my first business trip….I had a pink hearted duffel bag that I … Continue reading Packing 101: Reduce Bulk and Anxiety

Recipe: Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

I love quick breakfasts in the morning. Granola bars have always been my go-to. There was a time when I got fancy and would make our breakfast bars. I have some recipes stashed away. The one featured today is the easiest one that requires minimal ingredients and is healthy! You will need 1 ripened banana … Continue reading Recipe: Oatmeal Breakfast Bars

The start of something new…

Nobody talks about the day after your wedding. The hype, the event comes and goes, and no one tells you what to expect once the day is over, and celebrating the love of you two is over. I used to think it was a cliche saying; the day goes by too fast, you don’t know … Continue reading The start of something new…

DIY: Scalp Detox

If you're like me- your hair goes through "the motions." Somedays I want to cut it, other days I want to grow it out like Pochauntas. Somedays it feels dry and others its GREASY! Come'on hair- get your sh*t together. Anyways, today I will be walking you through a DIY Scalp Detox + how it … Continue reading DIY: Scalp Detox

August random favorites

Lara's Favorites Jack Rogers Maci Sandals - I have worn these all summer!  I usually will go in between sandals and flip flops and etc., but this summer 90% of the time I had these sandals on. They are super cute, comfortable and since they are black go with everything! I want to purchase the … Continue reading August random favorites