August random favorites

Lara’s Favorites

  1. Jack Rogers Maci Sandals – I have worn these all summer!  I usually will go in between sandals and flip flops and etc., but this summer 90% of the time I had these sandals on. They are super cute, comfortable and since they are black go with everything! I want to purchase the tan version for next summer, and just live in these!
  2. The complete cooking for two cookbook – I have had this book for two years now, and still haven’t even dove into a quarter of the recipes! This is an awesome cookbook for those who either live alone or with another roommate, as the recipes call for smaller quantities of ingredients so that you don’t waste food or money. They are super simple to make with easy-to-access ingredients (i hate cookbooks that call for ingredients that I can’t find anywhere). I highly recommend it! We have been meal-planning with this all month. The best recipe so far: the pesto turkey meatballs.

Jo’s Favorites

Patterns + colors GALORE!  ❤

GMYLE Frosted White Marble Pattern Hard Shell Case Cover–  This case is the cutest! I have been obsessed with marble patterns lately so once I found this case I bought it immediately. The case overall is super durable. My favorite part? The case is soft touch and matte, super chic!

“J” Gold Flower Coffee Mug- Gold. Obsessed. It is literally the perfect accent color and makes everything look a little more sophisticated. My mug was a gift from my wonderful coworker who picked it up from TJ Max.

Floral Apron-I picked up this bad boy from our local farmers market due to my very apparent & recent floral obsession. Cooking has been on my list of things to start doing (+ I’m CONSTANTLY spilling things on my clothes when I eat and cook… ayiyiiiii.) With this cute apron I will cook in style and make laundry a little easier. 🙂 Love this one from Target!


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