Packing 101: Reduce Bulk and Anxiety

If there is one person on this Earth that has travel anxiety, that is me. My job requires me to travel here and there (not as much as my colleagues), which has made me an expert in packing over the years. I remember my first business trip….I had a pink hearted duffel bag that I slug around with me, how embarrassing! Things were thrown into it, toiletries all jumbled up in one bag, it was an absolute nightmare. Being prepared is one thing that I always have to be, in order for my anxiety to go down.

In this post, I am going to share with you a couple of tricks and tips that have worked for me over the years, and how I have reduced the amount of “stuff” in my bag by prioritizing necessities.

  1. Pack outfits per occasion: When travelling, divide your day up in occasions. If it’s a business trip, always pack an outfit for the daytime (more business appropriate), and something more casual for night. If it is a vacation, pack your daytime outfit and night time outfit. Always pack gym clothes to keep you motivated as extras. Once you plan your outfits, it’s clearer to see what you don’t need. Why pack 6 pairs of jeans, when you’re going to wear them five times, and can just pack two to wear every other day?
  2. Separate toiletries: I started doing this recently, but it definitely helps! I used to pack all my toiletries in this huge bag, that just took up a TON of space. I mean, I have hair stuff, makeup, shower stuff, jewelry. Now what I do is pack all the mentioned categories into different smaller bags.
  3. Roll clothes for more space: Folding is your enemy here! DO NOT FOLD YOUR CLOTHES. Not only do they get wrinkled, but you can never see what you packed once done, and folding uses so much space. I roll my like clothes together. So for example, if I’m packing jeans, both jeans will be put on top of each other and rolled into one big ball (see below). If I am packing work shirts, those get put on top of each other and rolled into one big ball.
  4. Shoes on the bottom: Shoes, and anything that holds weight should go on the bottom. This eliminates crushing and serves as a nice base.
  5. Minimize clutter: No, you don’t need that skirt you never wear. Don’t overpack for different situations. If you think it might rain, pack a raincoat to put on over any outfit. You don’t need your whole wardrobe for one week. If you pack your essentials and your favorite items you will be fine. You don’t need the Naked Original, Naked 2 and Naked 3 palette (speaking from experience).

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