Smackdown: Naked 2 vs. Pur Cosmetics


When the FabFitFun post appeared on our blog by the lovely Jo, I squealed a little. Not only because it had so many goodies, but the palette in the box reminded me of something that I had just purchased; the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay. When she came over to photography her September favorites, this palette was there with her. I took the opportunity to run upstairs, and grab my Naked 2 to actually see how similar they really were!

You guys, it is absolutely nuts. They are identical twins, one’s Mary Kate, and the other Ashley. If you look at the picture above, you couldn’t tell which palette was which, unless you cheated and read the names. The Pur Cosmetics is on top, and the UD Naked 2 on the bottom. .


Top: Pur Cosmetics Bottom: Urban Decay Naked 2

The image above speaks for itself! It’s absolutely crazy how similar these two palettes are to each other.



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