Makeup Tutorial: Cranberry Eyes

Fall always brings out the warmer and darker shades of my collection out, and I love to experiment with oranges, and cranberry for this season. Since most of my days are spent at work, when I do looks like these they will always be toned down and geared towards everyday wear versus your full-glam looks! If you want to see how to achieve this look, keep scrolling!

p.s. this look is off of the Morphe Jaclyn Hill Favorites Palette. 



  1. Prime your eyes with your favorite primer. Here , I am using Painterly by MAC, and then going in with my Jouer Creme Eyeshadow in Renaissance, which is a plum shadow stick. Blend that with your fingers.

    2. Taking the light pink shimmer shade, I am going to apply that all over my lid.

    3. Next we want to warm up the eyes, so I will be taking this camel color, and sweeping it all across my crease with a fluffy brush.

    4. Taking the shimmery cranberry shade, I will focus this in the outer V, and pull it slightly into my crease. If it gets messy, don’t worry, we will go back in with a fluffy brush to blend.

    5. Taking the matte brick color, I am going to focus this only in my outer V.

    6. To bring everything together, we will bring in the shimmery orange shade to the inner corner and take some on a fluffy brush and sweep it in your crease to bring everything together. img_09287. Apply some liner, mascara, and dark lip (Buxom Brooklyn on my lips), and voila!


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