Setting the date – the biggest party of your life


When the CoolCats and I got engaged, the biggest question we kept getting asked was “When are you getting married?”. Now, I admit that I do the same thing to newly engaged couples, but don’t let people’s question scare you into rushing your engagement.

We were engaged for almost two years, and I felt that the length of time we chose was perfect for us. Every couple is different, and you might feel that six months is enough for you. I am a planner, and need all my ducks in a row, and the extended time helped us with the financials of the wedding.

When setting your date, there are a couple of things you need to keep in consideration. Look at the people you need to be there, when I say need, you wouldn’t image your big day without them. Don’t ask them what their schedule looks like, but you should have a grasp of their lives and habits. When choosing our date, I wanted a fall wedding, but it made sense to go with summer, because I had a ton of out-of-country guests that were family, that I wanted to see there. Due to schools, and schedules, June worked perfectly for those people to be able to make it. In addition to looking at other people’s schedules, look at your own. When does your work ramp up, or slow down? If you own your business, when are your heavy months?

You absolutely don’t have to follow these ideas to set your date. After all, this is YOUR wedding and you don’t need anyone’s input as to when your dream day should be. These are simply guidelines that can help you, if you are indecisive. If you have always dreamed of a fall wedding with the leaves changing, then let that be the day. If you wanted snow on the ground, and go for that Kate look with your dress, then clearly summer won’t work for you. There is no right or wrong answer on setting your date. Just ensure that you have enough time to throw the biggest bash of your life!


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