Tip: Decorating in Tight Spaces!

The moving process is one of the most exciting, frustrating and overwhelming experiences of my life. Can I get an amen?! I honestly have moved too many times to count. Up until now, it was only from apartment to apartment during college. This time was a little different, I moved in with my S.O. into our very own house! 🙂

We live in an older home so maximizing our space was crucial. One of my favorite decorating secrets is using floating shelves to add a little pizazz without crowding an already tight space.

What I used:

  • Two 4ft shelves in espresso from Home Depot
  • Two 2ft shelves in espresso from Home Depot
  •  One handy boyfriend
  • Decorations! aka the fun part ❤

Our living room/ “entertainment center”:


p.s. we are going to hide the cable cords with a baseboard cable cover soon!


We used a basket from Hobby Lobby and decorative pillows from Kohls to hide all of those ugly cords.


p.s. it’s insane how many trips we make to those stores these days (no complaints here 😉 )

My vanity:


Our bathroom is a little tight for both of us to get ready in the morning so we decided to make a DIY vanity using floating shelves. After installing the shelves we both decided that I have too much stuff (girl probz!) So next we are going to add two 1ft floating shelves to the side of my mirror to hold perfumes, lotions, etc.

Do you guy have any tricks to decorate in small spaces? Let us know!



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