5 Ways to Make Your Period Less Sh***y

Let’s be honest ladies… it’s no secret that the time of the month can make you act like a cute little hungry gremlin.

Here are 5 things you can do when Mother Nature comes-a-knocking that won’t make you want to slam the door in her face. 🙂

1. Do one thing that’s relaxing

Take a bubble bath and make it an event. I’m talking candles, a bath bomb, a glass of wine, a good book, and relaxing music 🎶  You and your body deserve some uninterrupted “me” time! Pamper yourself in your favorite way.

2. Do one thing that’s active

It’s scientifically proven that exercise elevates mood and increases your pain tolerance aka bye bye cramps! I’m not suggesting that you have to put away the ice cream and hop on a treadmill on your heavy flow day… because nobody wants to do that. But on your lighter days, get back in the grove and go kick some booty! Drop in on a yoga class, go for a jog or even just walk your puppy. Anything to get the blood pumping ( in your veins 😉 ) will make you feel better! Here’s an at-home yoga session for PMS.

3. Do one thing that you can indulge in every month

Women are able to bear children which is an amazing gift! But the leading up to pregnancy and “in between baby” phases [every. single. month] can be a real bitch. So eat that ice cream. Binge watch that young adult tv show about vampires and zombies. But a little tip that I have is every month I’ll treat myself/ do something that I can look forward to during hell week so I don’t dread it so much!

4. Do one thing that will keep you on track

It’s super important that we, as females, are familiar with our bodies and how they react to our environment. I highly suggest using a period tracker on your phone. The one I use is P Tracker Lite, which has worked for me for years. Through this app I can track daily moods, ovulation, my period, my symptoms such as cramps, acne, cravings and their intensity as well as intimacy. This is also a bonus during check-ups to share with your doctor if anything is unusual!

5. Do one thing that makes you happy

What makes you truly happy? Instead of moping and staying in. Do something that you enjoy! Go see a movie, go for a bike ride, do a girls night- anything! Periods can really suck sometimes and are different for every woman. But most importantly, don’t let them prevent you from going out and doing things that you love. You are fierce, you are wonderful and you can do anything you set your beautiful minds to! Don’t let a little thunder ruin your parade. ❤

Click here to watch “This is Your Period in 2 Minutes” from glamour.com!


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