DIY: Teeth Whitening

I have been in a HUGE DIY phase lately & I love it. I started getting into DIY's from my old college roomie Allie (who will hopefully be guest writing for The Telescope Daily sometime soon) πŸ™‚ Anywho- If you are anything like me, you have tried SO many different ways to attempt to get … Continue reading DIY: Teeth Whitening


Halloween Costume: Rocky Horror Picture Show Characters

So this year we decided to celebrate Halloween by attending a local showing of Rocky Horror Picture Show. Ever since I saw the live play in college, I was obsessed! The cult classic that has transcended decades and it still as popular as it was in the 70's. If you are familiar with RHPS, you … Continue reading Halloween Costume: Rocky Horror Picture Show Characters

DIY: Face Masks!

Do you love face masks? Me too! They are such an amazing way to target skin problems and give your beautiful face an extra dose of TLC. Want to know the best part? There are so many masks that you can DIY with ingredients from your kitchen! DIY Masks: "Burning Face Mask" from Targets … Continue reading DIY: Face Masks!

DIY: Sharpie Mug

My brother and sister-in-law just had their first baby! In the midst of the chaos of such an exciting time in their lives- I wanted to create something that would celebrate them and new parents. ❀ They are both big coffee drinkers, and who doesn't love a cute mug? I for one have a collection … Continue reading DIY: Sharpie Mug

DIY: Scalp Detox

If you're like me- your hair goes through "the motions." Somedays I want to cut it, other days I want to grow it out like Pochauntas. Somedays it feels dry and others its GREASY! Come'on hair- get your sh*t together. Anyways, today I will be walking you through a DIY Scalp Detox + how it … Continue reading DIY: Scalp Detox