5 Ways to Make Your Period Less Sh***y

Let's be honest ladies... it's no secret that the time of the month can make you act like a cute little hungry gremlin. Here are 5 things you can do when Mother Nature comes-a-knocking that won't make you want to slam the door in her face. 🙂 1. Do one thing that's relaxing Take a … Continue reading 5 Ways to Make Your Period Less Sh***y


Celebrating Galentine’s day?

Growing up, Valentine's day was always a holiday that my parents celebrated with us. They never made it about couples, but mainly about the love we had for each other! My mom would cook a special meal, and my sister and I would get a little Valentine's day goodie bags. That might be the reason … Continue reading Celebrating Galentine’s day?

Tip: Decorating in Tight Spaces!

The moving process is one of the most exciting, frustrating and overwhelming experiences of my life. Can I get an amen?! I honestly have moved too many times to count. Up until now, it was only from apartment to apartment during college. This time was a little different, I moved in with my S.O. into … Continue reading Tip: Decorating in Tight Spaces!

Book Review: First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

One of my New Years resolutions was to read one book a month. To keep myself committed to that resolution, I have decided to write a book review for each month. If I do more than one, that's even better. I am hoping this public commitment will bring shame to me if I choose to … Continue reading Book Review: First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

Morning Protein Smoothie w/ Caffeine​

I don't know about you ladies but this girl has ZERO time to spare in the morning for breakfast. That's why I came up with this quick + super easy concoction for busy mornings that keeps me full and fights my urge for those unhealthy quick alternatives. p.s. I always make them ahead of time so … Continue reading Morning Protein Smoothie w/ Caffeine​

Holiday Cheer: Free Christmas Printables

I don't know about y'all but I love me some holiday print outs that I can hang in my cube, on my walls around the house, or even as my wallpaper. To spread some holiday cheer, we created a couple for you, our lovely readers to spread the holiday cheer:) Enjoy!    

DIY: Teeth Whitening

I have been in a HUGE DIY phase lately & I love it. I started getting into DIY's from my old college roomie Allie (who will hopefully be guest writing for The Telescope Daily sometime soon) 🙂 Anywho- If you are anything like me, you have tried SO many different ways to attempt to get … Continue reading DIY: Teeth Whitening

Falling for Fall Scents

Sweater Weather: (notes; fresh sage, juniper berry, eucalyptus, fresh woods) This candle is fall smells in one jar! It's funny how scents bring memories, and this makes me feel like I am taking a stroll down the street, with leaves falling. Flannel: (notes; crisp autumn air, bergamot, mahogany, fresh woods)  This scent reminds me of men's cologne, … Continue reading Falling for Fall Scents